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What we are looking for


Anyone in the legal industry, as a student just starting their legal journey to a 10 years PQE partner! We want YOU to write a personal STORY for us.

There are no set requirements as to what you have to write about, however please can it be along the broad lines of 

  • Your journey into law - outlining your background etc

  • Your reasoning for pursuing law 

  • Any advice or inspiration you can give through writing about any topic in the legal industry - our main goal and purpose is to inspire and advise future lawyers and students through these stories and ultimately be able to connect them.

Length should be between 2-4 minutes read time

Check out examples here

Our submission process is by one of two ways:

  • Typeforms 

    • Seamless and easy - check it out below!​

  • Email submission

    • Send your STORY with accompanying information.​*

*accompanying information - picture (optional), social media (optional), firm/university/school attending

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