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Simona Kumar: Non-law and languages

Law is becoming more and more accessible and breaking away from its rigid traditional route which is great news! It shows how the legal sector is changing, adapting and becoming more accepting of not just knowledge, but practical skills too.

Students are now free to specialise in any degree of their interest, then later convert to Law. Many law firms amongst which Magic Circle firm Clifford Chance state they ‘welcome’ non-law students as ‘it is your potential to become a world class lawyer that is key rather than your knowledge and understanding of the law itself or your field of study’, this impresses and encourages students like myself in not feeling at a disadvantage without a law degree.

Chairing the Radcliffe Club (Law for non-law) for this past year, has allowed me to learn further what ‘different’ brings to the table in Law.

First, LANGUAGES IN LAW. Being a Languages student myself, I have learnt the importance of foreign languages during the current globalisation of law firms, the skillset offered is often in demand by employers.

Second, FLEXIBILITY. Seeing non-law students take such part in Law events held throughout the year, shows just how flexible and multi-faceted non-law students can be in Law.

Third, KNOWLEDGE. The legal field is becoming extremely competitive and non-law students bring extra knowledge from their degrees which would help create stronger firms!

Lastly, as I say to other aspiring lawyers and to myself, coming from a non-law background might not mean you will blend in for sure, but it will make you distinctive!

Simona Kumar

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