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Roxanne Spychalski: From expulsion to aspiring lawyer

When I was thirteen years old, I was excluded from mainstream education and had to stay at multiple short stay schools until I finished high school. As someone who suffers from ASD, life was especially difficult at this point. At my short stay school, we were generally unable to do GCSEs, but I was one of the first people allowed the opportunity (and passed) so that I could attend sixth form.

Returning to mainstream education, I went on to achieve A levels and secure a place at university. I come from a small village-town in Norfolk called Belton, so there are not many opportunities around, especially in relation to law. This is why I made the decision to move to London. My first year of university really showed me that I had made the right decision in moving to London but perhaps the wrong choice of university. I had a hard time communicating with lecturers and some other tough corners there. I’m someone who dares myself to do better in life, so I went through the process of transferring universities to Westminster, where I have just finished my second year of LLB Law. The next difficult decision to make was about becoming either a barrister or solicitor. Ever since I was fifteen, I wanted to be a barrister due to the feeling of injustice in my own life, and at my short-stay school I was surrounded by other misunderstood individuals who had behavioural issues - some even ended up in prison.

However, as my course at university continued, I couldn’t help but appreciate contract law. Out of curiosity and the desire to build professional connections, I attended a few networking events, At the ACCEPT conference at Clifford Chance, and I really benefited from panel discussions about working in a magic circle law firm. I also learned about the treatment of LGBTQ+ in the workspace. At a Bristows open day event, I networked with senior advisors of the firm. These events were eye-opening and conclusive for me and have helped me to register what it is exactly that I look for within a firm and I reimagined myself as a solicitor. I believe that that it is a better fit for me, because I could still apply my fixation with justice, only to more literally contractual scenarios. That’s my journey in a nutshell!

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