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Rishi Bhuskute: a doctor to finance student and now an aspiring lawyer

Hi, my name is Rishi, and I am an Accounting and Finance student at Newcastle University. When I was asked to write a short piece on my background and ongoing journey into law as a non-law student I was surprised, as I feel I have not achieved anything yet. But I also realise that I am probably in a similar position to many of you, trying to take daily steps in order to achieve the end goal of becoming a lawyer, so here is a little bit about my background.

Until Year 12, I was always set on the path to becoming a doctor. Both my parents were doctors and therefore I was naturally but deliberately pushed towards studying medicine (I am sure maybe some of you can relate to this!). After undertaking a few work placements inside a hospital, I realised a career as a doctor wasn’t for me. I had always harboured an interest in the events of the business world and the ever-changing nature of the financial markets, so I settled on studying Accounting & Finance at university.

Upon entry into university, I had only briefly flirted with the idea of studying law and becoming a lawyer. While I felt that my skillset matched with that of a lawyer fairly well, I had very little idea about the broad spectrum of legal careers available, so I decided pursuing a career in finance would be the more obvious choice. During my first year, I made a concerted effort to attend all the finance related insight events on offer, both in university and in the industry. However, after thoroughly enjoying my Business Law module in first year I started to seriously consider and research a career in law. Fast forward a year, and I feel I have done enough research and spoke to enough people in the industry to feel comfortable in pursuing a career in commercial law at a City firm.

For all my experiences since, I feel a better candidate than I did a year ago and I am sure I will feel the same a year from now. If there is one lesson I have learnt from the time afforded to me by this lockdown, is that things do not happen all at once. It is up to you to try and make progress every day. Tally the small wins, read the news, listen to podcasts, and your passion for the legal industry will take care of the rest.

All of your experiences, be it legal or non-legal, will shape your story. For six school years I represented Yorkshire County Cricket Club, I volunteered at the NHS for the better part of a year, and now during my lockdown I have begun doing freelance writing for a commercial awareness platform. None of these are legal experiences, but it is the skills gained and challenged faced that hopefully will make me stand out on my path to commercial law. Your story is unique to you and no one else will have had the same experiences, it is up to you to sell it.

I am nowhere near the end of my journey to becoming a commercial solicitor, in fact I am still at the very beginning. Just like all of you I have the same hopes and aspirations of becoming a lawyer, and the same doubts and worries about whether I will get there. But what I do believe is that as long as you do all the small things and really try to take every opportunity to better yourself, it will all add up to one big win in the end. I have a lot to learn and a long way to go but I hope by sharing my story so far I have provided some insight into all the different routes people may take to reach the same end goal.

Good luck to you all, and thanks for reading about the very beginning of my legal journey.

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