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Ria: A Levels and my dream of becoming a lawyer!

Hey readers! I am so excited to write and share my story so far about my legal journey. I’m anonymously known as ‘TheLegalDiaries’ (you can find me on Instagram!). I’m in first year at college, and I study Law, English and RS.

My subjects are all quite essay based, so you can imagine how much my hand hurts, but every second is worth it. I love anything related to law, it’s becoming an obsession-and I hope to study Law at Oxford, Queen Mary’s, UCL or Kings College. I know, I’m setting the bar pretty high for myself, but you have to always keep dreaming!

A bit about my journey into law-well…it hasn’t really been as straightforward as you think. Through the years I have considered many professions-doctor, psychiatrist, teacher…even working for the MI5. Law has always been at the back of my mind as all my family members tell me what an excellent speaker and debater I am (how true it is, I’m not sure). I come from a big family, from a supportive Punjabi household. They really did inspire me, especially my parents who put me in the best education possible to achieve my dreams. If you think about it, law is the centre of everything you do. From switching on the TV to much more obvious demeanours such as criminal law and justice, it’s always there. I truly believe the law is what keeps us all safe, and although there is much more room for improvement in our legal system, it serves justice as best as it truly can.

Like Copy Report The small picture? To become a lawyer. The bigger picture? To become one of the best barristers from an ethnic minority household in the UK, and who knows-maybe even the world! To study law is to serve justice, and to serve justice is to better society. Becoming a lawyer certainly won’t be easy, but I am truly excited to take on all the challenges that come along with it! I hope my story has inspired you, and this website is amazing for bringing us all and connecting us through law.

Ria Instagram: @the.legaldiaries

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