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Meet Zainab: From paralegal to trainee solicitor

Hi, my name is Zainab and I’m a Charity Property Paralegal. I have experienced various insights into law which altogether supported my decision of aspiring to become a solicitor.

When I graduated from City University, I recognised my passion for volunteering and chose to get involved in Citizens Advice. I volunteered as a gateway assessor once a week which was an insightful and great experience, one I recommend to all who can afford to experience.

I studied the LPC part-time at The University of Law and worked at The Law Society full-time, which again exposed me to a different skill-set and widened my connections. I worked in the Accreditations Department whilst sitting as an Employee Forum Representative, meeting regularly and communicating changes to my colleagues. I graduated from the LPC with distinction and decided to get back into private practice.

I am a first-generation law graduate from a non-russell group university. I did not have connections in law, but this did not stop me from pursuing the career. My advice to all aspiring lawyers is to create the opportunities yourself. This is through choosing to network, choosing to volunteer, choosing a low-paid first-legal job to enable you to get where you want to be. It will not be easy but your belief in your strengths and abilities is the starting point.

With the current situation presenting difficulties of cancelling vacation schemes and increasing uncertainties, I have found great comfort in the community that has come together which supports one another and uses one’s skills to inspire others. I am currently mentoring and coaching several undergraduate and postgraduate students, which I am very passionate about. I am a firm believer in giving back and enabling aspiring lawyers to be inspired by their own hardworking and knowing that it will be okay! As a junior, I myself am grateful for the mentors who have contributed to my journey.

Being more committed than ever to my legal journey, I created @zaiblogs_ which encompasses several of my passions including law, networking and art. Working as a paralegal has opened my eyes to the business side of a law firm and how important business development is, advising clients correctly and time recording! My determination and passion for law shone through and I will be commencing my Training Contract later this year in London.


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