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Ramsha: Accounting degree, PwC and my journey to becoming a lawyer

My name is Ramsha, I am an ACCA member and graduated from Oxford Brookes University with BSc in Applied Accounting back in 2016. Currently, I am finishing my second year of LLB at the University of London.

Managing studies alongside working full-time as a Tax & Legal Consultant at PwC has been tough for me but what keeps me going is the desire to reach my full potential and achieve as much as possible. I believe people will discourage you, demotivate you but only you know your true potential and can prove them wrong as the obstacles are only in your mind. All you need is a positive mindset. Education is my passion and my biggest motivating factor is the realization of goals I have set for myself.

Although I had already graduated with an accounting degree and had started off with my professional career with over 5 years of experience in taxation, I chose to pursue law as lawyers have always inspired me and I intend to specialize in tax law as soon I complete my LLB to streamline my educational goals with my career. Moreover, I belong to a family of lawyers so studying towards an LLB degree was always the plan but my to-do list doesn’t end here. There is a lot more I need to achieve for my inner satisfaction and moving up the career ladder. Also, I would like to add that my parents have been highly supportive of me throughout this journey.

I would like to advise other students to always believe in yourself, to listen to your inner voice, stay dedicated to your goals and work towards self-actualization. An important study tip, try to approach topics from the perspective of gaining knowledge rather than memorizing for the sake of exams, make your own notes and develop arguments. You will not only enjoy studying but you might even end up acing the papers.


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