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Meet Nishta: Diversity and the importance of being different

Diversity embodies change. This was a concept I learnt whilst growing up as when I told my friends and family, I wanted to be a lawyer, I was told it was a ‘man’s job’. Surprisingly that was what initially fixed my interest. Hearing this and then also visiting the Courts my attention was drawn to the lack of woman lawyers in this workforce and it was from this experience that I now understand that ‘being different makes a difference’. The idea of potentially becoming a British-Indian woman lawyer in this field of work would mean I would be hyper-visible and would be noticed.

Further, when researching about lawyer I use to read they went to Oxford/Cambridge/ other Russel Group Universities, which formed my perception that you had to be extremely smart to get the role. My A-levels were in English Literature, Government and Politics and Law. Makes me sound smart right? The pressure made me pick those, and as a result I did not do well. I was not able to go to my dream university, and I thought my career in the legal field was over. I took the summer off, redirected my mindset and went to University with a clean slate, I realised I was so caught up in doing thing that would make me look good and sound smart than do what I enjoyed which would mean I would get a better grade. As a mentioned before ‘being different makes a difference’ so show off your skills to your lectures, in interviews because THAT is what people want to see. Show that you are more than just your grades on a paper (good or bad grades), that is what firms want to hire.

So, I hope my story can relate to you all in that things may not always go as you plan, but it’s a part of the process, so embrace it. Take all the failures, mistakes, rejections to shape you into a unique individual. I promise, it will make you stand out more than you believe.

Nishta Pandit

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