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Meet Jayde: My journey to Data Privacy Associate

My name is Jayde Penrose. I am a Data Privacy Associate and Co-Founder of The Law Process.

My journey into law started during A-levels when I was deciding what course to study at university. I loved studying Maths and Sociology at A-levels so played with the idea of studying either one of these at university; however, during a university open day, I followed a friend to the Law Faculty where lecturers were talking about what to expect from the Law course, in particular the different areas of law you could study. This immediately sparked an interest for me as I found that I could use my love for social equality (learnt in Sociology) and my love for problem solving (learnt in Maths) to drive my career in law.

To solidify my decision to study law and gain much needed experience, during A-levels and university, I did various work experiences, including: working in a family and criminal law firm, shadowing a barrister to court hearing and police station visits and working at my University’s Legal Advise Centre. This gave me a real insight into the world of solicitors and barristers and allowed me to make an informed decision to pursue a career as a solicitor, as opposed to a barrister.

After university, I decided not to rush to go to law school but instead work within the legal field to get more experience before, hopefully, getting a training contract. I started of working for a financial insurance law firm where I handled my own caseload and managed a team of legal interns before moving in-house to a legal advisor role. At first, the legal advisor role was only meant to be advising residential and commercial property managers; however, fortunately for me it was much more than that! I joined the company in 2017, so in addition to offering legal advice and representing clients in tribunals for property matters, I was tasked with implementing the GDPR throughout the organisation. I had to present my research to company leaders and work across different teams to ensure compliance. This started my interest in data protection.

After this role, I moved to a consultancy firm, where I am now. I have had the opportunity to develop my technology and data privacy skills, in somewhat of a legal tech role. I particularly enjoy reviewing international data protection laws, undertaking risk reviews and implementing privacy into different softwares and technology platforms. Data protection is an ever-growing area and I am hoping to continue developing my expertise in this area and eventually get that training contract or qualify via CILEx!

Jayde Penrose




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