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Meet Janet: How tech has affected my journey through law so far

For a long time, I didn’t know what I was going to write for this post. I thought long and hard about what value I could bring to this wonderful initiative as I am someone that believes in doing the job but doing the job well!

I thought that I would begin this story by congratulating Ben for establishing Connected Through Law which aims to support aspiring lawyers to connect with one another by sharing their stories. It’s incredible how easy it is for anyone and everyone to connect with each other through the power and use of technology and social media.

If it were not for technology, I would not have crossed paths with Ben and that is the truth. But goodness me, what a pleasure it is to know someone as kind and as hardworking as Ben who is doing what he can to help those within the legal sphere.

I like to think that as the legal progression grows, emphasis should be placed on the importance of technology and social media. Without technology and social media, the world would not function. Everything from news reels to virtual networking to calling a friend for a catch-up– the one common link is technology and I await the day when the legal profession fully and whole-heatedly embraces same.

I am not a tech expert nor do I claim to be, and I do not know a single thing about technology or how it works but I can testify to its influence and its capabilities.

In January 2020, I created my very own legal blog on Instagram in the middle of my final year of my LLB Law Degree. (Yes, I know, timing isn’t my strong suit at the best of times, but it is what it is!). To be perfectly honest with you, I did not have a clue what I was doing! All I knew was that I wanted and needed to do this because much like Ben, I believed that I had something to share. I believed that I had value to impart to others and I was going to do what I could to help other law students undergoing their own legal journeys.

I created my page, Yennusick Legal Corner, and it has since grown beyond my wildest dreams. I must say how incredible it has been to have connected and met with so many aspiring lawyers and law students and lawyers. If I did not create my blog, I never would have known that there was an entire legal community on Instagram who supports one another in whatever way possible. I am fortunate to have made many fulfilling connections all around the world. I am fortunate to have connected with many other like-minded individuals who share in the same values as I do.

Technology is wonderful. It is one of the greatest inventions of our time. Already, we are beginning to see the legal sector starting to embrace technology. As a result of the pandemic and lockdown restrictions, many firms and recruitment agencies have resorted to online communications and have taken active steps to fully engage with law students and this in turn has made access to law far more easier than previously.

I know that if we keep this up, the legal profession will only excel and prosper into the honourable profession that is has been.

It has been a pleasure to write this article and I wish the very best for the future of Connected Through Law.

Janet Abiba Yennusick, Law Graduate 2020.


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