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Meet Ifla: Languages, A Levels and her journey into law

My name is Fathima Ifla (Ifla) Mujeeb I am a motivated year 12 student studying Psychology, Sociology, Philosophy and an EPQ: Is Islam compatible with feminism? I am particularly interested in the area of international corporate law because I speak 4 different languages and I like the idea of negotiating and pitching with different global commercial companies. Also, when I done my work experience with the global law firm DLA Piper, I realised that there are so many aspects to corporate law, such as litigation and Capital markets. Being offered a 5 year scholarship/internship programme at DLA Piper through Pathways to Law, has motivated me to explore all fields of corporate Law. In addition, I have started up my own project called the Strive project. This project is a mentoring scheme, which will help students from disadvantaged backgrounds, and to break down barriers.

In terms of my journey into Law, I have always found myself to be very confident, outspoken and I loved public speaking. It might sound very stereotypical, but I ought to think that this was one of the reasons that tweaked the interest in Law. Having participated in the Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge in year 10, as a Brent finalist with my speech ‘Human rights’, led me onto researching human rights law as a module that was optional in a law degree. Due to my passion for Law, I decided to join the 2 year programme Pathways to Law by Sutton trust. This resulted in me meeting professionals in the legal sector and learning more about law. Also, having visited the inner temple, I conversed with criminal barristers and ended up watching the ‘Lady killers’, which are criminal case series by Jo Siddhu QC. Moreover, having done my work experience placement at DLA Piper, I got exposed to commercial and corporate law. I realised that there were so many aspects to commercial/corporate law. For example, I learnt a lot about litigation and aviation whilst shadowing a paralegal at DLA Piper, where I was drafting and checking legal documents. Soon after having completed this placement, I got the opportunity to join the DLA Pipers’ Head start programme, which is a 5 year scholarship/internship.


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