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Meet Hemath, Ameya, Divyansh and Rajas: Founders of LawUnplugged

The story of why we chose law and why LawUnplugged.

Hemath Kumar

Hello everyone, I’m a second year law student at National Law University, Nagpur, India.

There cannot be any one suitable answer to why I chose law, neither can I summarize it but definitely it involves a lot many aspects of my life and myself. I was always fascinated by this profession, the noble essence present in it, the pride and power that comes from it, the black and white apparel and those hundred other things present in, ultimately coming together as law- apart from this palpable reality another important factor was myself, the personality of whom I am and who I want to be, who doesn’t want to follow the other but become a path in itself, the enthusiasm and intellectual ability with which it wants to do intellectual adventurism, the inner satisfaction of doing something good to the society and yourself. All these aspects as I mentioned above, I definitely say, cannot be found anywhere except in law. The opportunity here is immense and I am sure that I could not have found these opportunities and this satisfaction in any other profession.

“There is more happiness in doing one’s own without excellence than in doing another’s well”.—The Bhagavad Gita, this is what I think and what I aim to pursue, and law provides me the medium to it.

Ameya Garud

Hi guys, I’m Ameya Garud. I’m a first year law student at National Law University, Nagpur (India). One year in law school has been a roller-coaster ride for me! In the competitive law-school environment, I chill out by playing the Piano. I co-founded LawUnplugged, a talk show with 3 of my batch mates.

My story behind choosing law goes way back in 2011, when my mother got a chance to work with lawyers of international repute as a witness in an International Arbitration centre. She was very impressed by the way lawyers operated- their methodical approach, their attention to detail, their command over the language & how they conducted themselves with gravitas. To my tender mind, that was the thing to become after I grew up. In spite of almost being allergic to reading back in school, I always wanted to become a lawyer. I always admired the never-say-die attitude of lawyers.

Fast-forward to 2017, I got a chance to know what legal aptitude actually meant. It was only then, that I realised that reading was not the only criterion which determined ‘legal aptitude.’ Attention to detail along with an ever-learning attitude in me helped me ascertain that law is for me. This led to me starting preparing for the Common Law Aptitude Test (CLAT), the law entrance in India. On the 26th of May, 2019 came the D-Day when I gave my shot at the CLAT.

Law school so far has been a life-changing experience. Mooting fascinates me. Full of ups and downs, thrills and joys. It forces you to go beyond your comfort-zone. That is how you rediscover yourself & push your limits.

Divyansh Agrawal

Hello everyone! I am Divyansh Agrawal and I’m a 2nd year law student at National Law University, Nagpur, India.

Throughout my life, I have had many changes in my career choices. Sometimes, I wanted to be a scientist, as being fascinated by the show Backyard Science.. Then, I began dreaming to be an archaeologist. Life kept going on and I had many changes in my dream career. It was in my 9th grade when it all boiled down to two options. I either wanted to be an engineer or to do law. Being a science student in 12th Grade, I was expected to be an engineer but I was never pressurized to do it. Finally, I chose law but I didn’t really know why. I had never explored law as a career but was fascinated by the advises of my seniors. But, I began exploring it once I started going to law school. Now I have successfully completed 1 year in my law school and it feels like it all happened in an instant. Now, it feels like being a lawyer is being the most powerful professional there is. During my first year, I explored different fields of law including International Media Law by participating in a moot court competition. It was an amazing experience and I would like to explore this area further. This lockdown period has been very bad for some of us, but I treated it as an opportunity and explored IPR, Cyber Laws, Sports Laws, Taxation and learned a little bit of drafting. I am a first generation lawyer so whenever I come back home in vacations, there is a long Q&A session about my life, achievements, experiences and friends. Until now, I am not sure as in which area I would like to practice but I know that Law is for me, and I hope that I keep learning and exploring until I become a successful lawyer.

Rajas Salpekar

Hello everyone, I too am a second-year law student at National Law Univerity, Nagpur, India and my affinity for law was established in my high-school itself.

By the time I got into my 10th grade, I was very much sure of my interest for administration and public-policy. The seeds of those interests were sown in my high-school where I discovered the fascinating world of MUNs, debates, public-policy initiatives and developed my interest somewhere in politics. Thereafter, I was caught between political-science and law and I thought that I would give entrances for both the courses and meanwhile, while prepping up for the entrances, I’ll figure out which course entices me more.

Subsequently, I got introduced to CLAT (law entrance for National Law Universities in India) and also found out that Delhi University, one of the best institute for political-science in India, didn’t have a separate entrance but would accept a student based on his 12th grade’s performance and also that it had a very low acceptance rate. Thereby, I made it very clear to focus on CLAT rather than focusing a lot on my 12th grade exams because if not then I would’ve not been focused on either and would’ve messed up both the entrances and also the very low acceptance of Delhi University added to my reason for shifting focus on CLAT. Thereafter, I remained fixed to my decision of law, cracked CLAT and ended at National Law University, Nagpur, India.

I would’ve been comfortable with any of Law or Political-science and thus I have no regrets of giving up on the thought of Delhi University. Furthermore, the culture at my university has also contributed to bolstering my affinity and interest for law and I am thoroughly enjoying the process.

How and Why LawUnplugged ?

So with the COVID-19 pandemic, a lockdown had been imposed a lot of countries round the world, including India and this lockdown gave the four of us a lot of leisure time. LawUnplugged was born out of the urge to do something in the leisure time that we had in our hands and most importantly it was about doing something which would add ‘value and insights’ to the lives of individual who have become confused and depressed in these trying times of pandemic.

Thus, we brainstormed and found that the area of a ‘talk-show’ was largely unexplored and thus worked in that area and set-up a talk show where we invite people associated to legal fraternity to share their experience of ‘law-school’ and how they made it big. So, all-in-all, it’s a talkshow where we discuss law, life and leisure ! Also, we aim to introduce our audience to new ventures like ‘connected-through-law’ and new dimensions of law which one might not come across in its daily life.

Also, stay tuned, we are shortly coming up with a podcast!

You can find us on Youtube ( , LinkedIn ( , twitter ( and instagram (@lawunplugged.0)

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