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Meet Hannah: A Levels, CFS and my journey to becoming a lawyer

I knew I wanted to be a lawyer from my A levels onwards, absolutely falling in love with it as a subject however spent much of my time at university doubting whether I could do it.

Between being often bed bound in my second and third year due to ME/CFS I thought being a lawyer wasn't for me. I wouldn't be able to handle the hours and the demands although I still loved law. I somehow graduated top of my class and this, combined with taking time out of education to get some work experience restarted the fire. Doing so well in my degree make me realise I could do it and the events I've attended and work I've done both for Cafcass and the home office have made me realise I want to be a solicitor. The variety, the opportunity to build relationships with clients, the intellectual stimulation and the chance to do the best I can for them in often very distressing disputes are all things I want from my career. I'm now starting my LPC in January 2021 and look forward to the legal opportunities that come my way.

Hannah Frost

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