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Meet Amy: Bronze medal Paralympian turned Solicitor Apprentice

About me

My name is Amy and I am 21. Currently, I am a Solicitor Apprentice, working in BPP’s in-house Legal Team with a view to one day join the rest of my team as a qualified Solicitor. I was born in East London, but I now I live in Hornchurch, Essex. My office is based in London so I have a very short commute into the City each day.

Something interesting about me

I live a double-life as a Solicitor Apprentice/Paralympian; I have competed as a swimmer at the last two Paralympic Games, and I won a bronze medal at the most recent Paralympics in Rio de Janeiro. Outside of work I enjoy going on holidays and spending time with my nearest and dearest.

My Route into Law

My route into Law has been an extremely varied (and a fairly unconventional one!). Having studied Law at GCSE level, it was always a subject that I was interested in however, I did not continue it to A Level. Once I left Sixth Form, it was time for me to shift my focus to the upcoming Paralympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Having had success in Rio, winning my bronze medal, I was thrown into the deep end starting University. I began studying a Geography and Sport Management degree at another University, but quickly decided that it was not the route that I wanted to take. University life, living away from home and living with only swimmer was not what I wanted for myself so I needed to make a change. This decision meant that I needed to turn to my ‘Plan B’ which was to find an Apprenticeship in London, and pretty quickly too as Legal Apprenticeships are extremely competitive. That decision was the best one that I’ve made as it led me here! I started my Paralegal Apprenticeship in September 2017, and I have now progressed on to my new role as a Solicitor Apprentice, studying at BPP. As an Apprentice, I am able to spend one day a week studying, and four days working in an office environment that allows me to grow and develop as a young professional.

My Typical Day

I try plan my days as best as possible according to what I have on that week; I could be doing a Data Subject Request all day, or I could be reviewing agreements for the business. Day to day, I also monitor the Data Protection inbox which means that more often than not urgent queries come in, meaning that my day may need to be restructured. I enjoy being in-house for this reason, because you never know what it coming next and you get to build great business relationships though the different queries that you deal with.

My Advice for an Aspiring Lawyer

I’m not quite a lawyer yet, so my advice is a lot vaguer! I would say, always take risks and be proud of yourself for having the courage to take them! Sometimes the best thing that you can do is put yourself outside of your comfort zone, and if things do not always work out, it is almost guaranteed that there will be another way!

Career Instagram: @thesolicitorapprentice

Personal Instagram: @a_marren (verified account)

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