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Meet Abbie: 'Virtually Legal' and My Legal Journey.

You would think writing a post or blog about yourself would be easy as ultimately you know the most about yourself and your aspirations? So why is it that I struggle so much with writing about myself? I believe that even though I know a lot about myself, I learn so much more through my connections and communications with others. It is the relationships I create with friends and professions which have made me the person I am today. The aspiring solicitor that I am today.

I will start with the details I know. The facts. I am a third year LLB Law with a Year Abroad student at the University of Birmingham. I recently returned from my Year Abroad in Canada. I was located in a small town called Peterborough, Ontario. I am an aspiring commercial solicitor. My dream training contract would be in a global law firm with the opportunity for secondment. To live abroad again and to experience alterative jurisdictions, the breath of deals and the true nature of global law firm is one I aspire to everyday.

I guess a part of me started my own legal blog (which I have started to move onto LinkedIn articles as I find everyone loves it being in one platform) as it was a chance to sit down and self-reflect on why law. The question that I use to dread, but now have become comfortable with answering. Now I actually fully understand why. For some there is a defining moment which sparked their wish to have a career in law, for me it was a process. Lots of little things, little decisions. I started the blog as a means to help me focus and find a training contract but also help others on their journey to. Remember there is always someone more junior than you and someone who will find what you have to say and offer beneficial.

As a result of my blog and the success they have received, a friend asked me to co-host and found a podcast with her. So Virtually Legal was born. @VirtuallyLegalPodcast for those of you on LinkedIn. It is only in its beginnings, but every day is exciting. New conversations and calls with people interested in being guests and becoming more comfortable talking about topic which affect all of us as law students. For example, effective networking. Unless you have been born into a wealth of connections it is something which every successful lawyer needs to perfect. Not only do I get to expose myself to new people and network connections, it also allows me to find better ways to articulate myself, an essential skill for a lawyer.

If you are thinking about trying to start your own platform or just want to try something inventive do it. It is important to realise that no one wakes up with a blog or a podcast. You just have to make it happen. Do not think it isn’t attainable. It is. I knew a podcast was right for me as I love to chat. That is how I express myself. So pick the right platform for you and try something new.

I want to finish on the fact that even though I have created a podcast and legal blog, I still have bad days. So, don’t feel overwhelmed by others adventures or successes it is all relative to yourself.

Feel free to message me on LinkedIn. Listen to my podcast @VirtuallyLegalPodcast on Spotify, iTunes, Deezer and GooglePlay. You can find my blog at

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