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Harry Wilde: Making the law more accessible

‘I made @harryslawife towards the end of January 2020, with the aim to engage with other students studying law; and to help others in the process.

I decided to document my journey because I am greatly inspired by others who share their individual  experiences and derive pleasure from the success and determination of others.

Through this I hope to encourage many and welcome any questions any of you may have!

My route into law has been far from straightforward, which ironically reflects the degree rather well. My interest in law first came about during my first year at university, here I began studying Criminology at @uniofsurrey.

After studying criminal law, I decided to apply for work experience the following summer. Fortunately, I was able to partake in a two-week vacation scheme with a criminal law firm and it was here that my passion began. After much consideration and career talks with a wide range of legal professionals, I came to the decision that a career in law is the journey I would like to experience.

I decided to switch courses was far easier than I expected and being giving the opportunity to study and work towards my ultimate goal of becoming a solicitor was in the works. I secured a scholarship to study law at the University of Surrey and I am now in my final year here. My journey so far has taught me more than I could ever have imagined, and although I am yet to secure a training contract, I am exceptionally grateful to have been given the opportunity to explore my passion even further.

During third year I have been able to choose from an extended range of modules that interest me. I aim to secure further work experience with a city firm (Corporate or Family), which will enable me to increase my knowledge into the specific areas of law alongside gaining essential practical experience in the workplace. I am extremely exited to move on to study my LPC/LLM qualifications at @u_law in Guildford.

I have recently created my new platform @harryslaw - this is designed to make law more accessible to everyone and bring community closer together. Through initiative, I share the journeys of aspiring lawyers and legal professionals, with the hope to inspire and motivate others. Feel free to drop me a message if you would like to get involved👏🏻

As a young aspiring lawyer myself, I would like to wish you all the best of luck, stay safe during this difficult time and continue to strive for greatness☺️


Instagram - @harryslawlife, @harryslaw, @legallyconnected

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