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Andrei Dohotaru: My aspirations to study law

My aspiration to study law

Law is a fantastic field to pursue and most definitely a career that opens up a plethora of opportunities from working in commercial law to becoming a highly respected barrister. My name is Andrei and I am a Year 12 student in the UK aspiring to read and practice law. I study English Literature, History and German as my A Levels and have chosen to pursue this career path.

Law for me represents a form of systematic ordering and organisation of society. Without it, the structure and integrity of countries and their systems is susceptible to collapse. My consideration for law as a degree and hopefully a career only started very recently. As I have said, I am a student in Year 12 and up to this point I have considered many fields from architecture to teaching to journalism. However, I had always wanted to be a good speaker, writer and critical thinker and I believe a career in law offers all of these. The most important thing, in my opinion, is for everyone to nurture their inner voices and opinions and to allow them to express their stance freely and with consideration for what they value most.

During the course of this year, I have taken part in such activities like the Model United Nations and the Debating Society at my school which have opened up to me the possibility of pursuing a career in which thinking on the spot and critical evaluation of current topics and events is the core. This decision was also facilitated by me choosing the subjects that I now study at A Level. English Literature allows me to nurture my pleasure of reading and come across new topics and issues displayed by writers through fiction. German gives me the opportunity to come across a new culture and language and along with it, a new perspective on current and past events. Even though I had not studied History before the A Level stage, I quickly came to grips with topics such as the law and function of constitutions and has fuelled my interpretation of the world today. I made it a priority to understand the subject and develop my writing and interpretation skills in relation to the topics I was learning. I am now doing very well in it and enjoy it thoroughly.

My pursuit to study law has not been as far rooted in the past as for many other people but the important message that I want you to take away is to figure out for yourself what you are good at and what you want to achieve. You do not have to have a history of knowledge and experience with the field you want to pursue as long as you have an open mind about it and you approach it with the desire to learn. Even if you improve your assets by just 1% everyday, it will make a world of a difference and you will look back at it with pride. Approach every day with this intention and don't be afraid to experiment and fail to get where you want to be.

I hope that this has in part made you appreciate your progress so far and will make you look to the future with hope. My journey is by no means advanced but I am looking to take more opportunities and continue to learn despite the difficult time that we are now facing. Thank you once again for reading my story and I hope that any career you choose to pursue will pay off for you.


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