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Alex P: From politics to finance to cancer recovery to law

My name is Alex, 30. I am a career changer currently on my second year in Law in the University of London. Why the change of heart when Finance is awesome too?

I come from a political family from the Philippines and have always been groomed to follow suit. I honestly loved helping people out without expecting anything at all in return. This first piqued my interest in law at 8 years old. I liked making a difference in people’s lives but I hated the publicity that came with it and all the rules I had to follow. I then decided politics isn’t for me.

Education-wise, I have delved into a lot of fields all the while I was working in in Finance. My first degree is Bachelor in Nursing (I am Filipino, it is the law! haha). I then studied Business Administration – Tourism Management --- didn't pursue this as a career but is quite handy, I tell you. Did a bit of Management Accounting, then Hospitality Management as I set my eyes on making a beach resort… did not pursue this either, passion was not there. I then took an MBA. Then did a year of Culinary School… YEP. I tried to do everything I wanted only to go back to the one thing that was strongly suggested. haha but I wouldn’t trade my life experiences for anything.

About 4 years ago, on my way to pursue higher education in New Zealand, I got hit by a late stage cancer of the immune system. So, I cancelled everything and also lost my life savings but I dealt with cancer, kicked its ass then survived it. As soon as I recovered from being bald and bedridden for almost a year, I said, you know what, I'm doing it.

After years of being in Finance and running the family company, I made an executive decision to (finally) pursue law. This decision brought me halfway round the world to the UK. It's time to accept the one thing I’ve been running from all my life. Its insanely difficult because I work full time for a healthcare megacorp while I study full time too. The dedication and discipline it requires and demands from me is just... absurd! BUT nothing changes if nothing changes. I am firm believer that growth and comfort do not co-exist.

I wish to pursue Criminal Law as a career---- planning get a BTC after this. I have my eyes set on the Australasia but right now I’ve been applying to various Vac Schemes in the hopes of landing training contract later with a firm whose mission aligns with mine. As a career changer, I am more focused. This is what I want to do.



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