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Fenchurch Park Ltd and Fenchurch Training Ltd

We are proud to parter with the largest professional Global Claims Management Network Consultancy and Professional Training Provider to lawyers, aspiring lawyers focused on insurance, reinsurance and insurance law

Fenchurch Park Limited

connected through law is partnering with the largest professional Global Claims Management Network Consultancy in the Lloyds and London market.

Fenchurch Park offers a service that is bespoke and niche to law firms seeking business from the insurance industry,

What we offer  

  • access to unique relationships with insurers and reinsurers in the Lloyds and London markets over the past 35 years 

  • facilitation of meetings between clients prospective clients and insurers, reinsurers, brokers and Managed General Agents 

  • exceptional service and support throughout to the needs of the clients

Fenchurch Training Limited

We are pleased to announce a discount with Fenchurch Training Ltd when using contacting connected through law.


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connected through law is partnering with only professional training provider dedicated to aspiring lawyers, lawyers and students. 

Fenchurch Training offers a service focused on training lawyers and insurers in all aspects of insurance and reinsurance.

What we offer  

  • an international oriented training programme based in London but training delegates in countries such as Bermuda, Germany and Australia*

  • a personalised and bespoke training programme for your firm and its employees

  • training would include mentoring, seminars, conferences and role plays

  • examples of programmes include**





*full list of countries where training has taken place in the document attached in find out more

**full list of programmes offered in find out more

Is this suited to your business or development?

You will be put in contact with the connected through team who will assist and direct you in contacting which Fenchurch service you require 

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