Our vision 

"To enable students, aspiring lawyers and lawyers to connect with each other" To gain advice. To increase the ability to network. To increase the ability to succeed.

Our mission 

Through our 'community' to help connect aspiring lawyers to each other through the power of their stories and the brilliance of social media. 

Here is our story

"Born of a desire to increase a students ability to get advice without contacting hundreds of different of people in the legal community, connected through law was set up to enable our subscribers and viewers to be helped in their journey to become a lawyer."


We get it. The legal community can be daunting at times. We want to help. By providing STORIES, we are trying to bridge the gap and make advice more readily available. ​

Our STORIES, provide a unique insight into the life and background of those who are partner, to those who are a first year A Level student. Each provides advice and inspiration that is invaluable.

A note from our Founder

In April 2020 I decided to start up an Instagram account to help with my legal journey and as an informal tracker. ​Before this in year 12, I entered numerous essay competitions that seemed interesting to me. I decided, primarily for my own satisfaction, to create my own 'blog' in the hope that people would take the time out to read my work and be interested in it. I didn't really have an end intention when I first set out to do this, and even though I considered the views to be sufficient to allow myself to be impressed, I still did not pursue this any further. This, however, changed in April. Seeing the numerous blogs on the accounts that I followed, I was inspired to start mine up again, however this time having objectives I wish to full fill.


I did not study law at university because I have intellectual interests elsewhere to law. I wish to write about these on this platform - these will mostly take the form of political commentary as well as book reviews of books I read outside my degree. I appreciate that this may not be to the interests of many people, whom I hope will read this, however, I wish to do this to hopefully provide interesting and thought-provoking pieces for the enjoyment and curiosity of many.

We put in lots of time and effort into making this platform. We would really appreciate it if you could help us out and buy our morning coffee!

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