Helping aspiring lawyers connect

A platform to help, advise and inspire aspiring lawyers.

Through the STORIES of students, trainees, post qualified lawyers and Partners we hope to help advice, support and inspire those in the legal industry.

STORIES give an insight into life as a lawyer, trainee or student





"To enable students, aspiring lawyers and lawyers to connect with each other" To gain advice. To increase the ability to network.

Through our 'community' to help connect aspiring lawyers to each other via the power of their stories and the brilliance of social media. 

Networking is fundamental to the 'job' of an aspiring lawyer. This does not make it easier! We are here to help - to connect lawyers 

We are on a mission to post as many STORIES as we can in 2020

We have contacted over 50 students, aspiring lawyers and lawyers so far and we are not stopping there!


"The heart of what we are trying to achieve"

We are easing the way those in the legal industry can connect through their stories. Too often social media profiles do not provide character or personality. We want to change that. We want to offer a platform for those to express their personality in a professional way; through STORIES. 

Our contributors offer their personal journey into law, the challenges they have overcome and their future plans.

Each offers personalised pieces of advice to any aspiring lawyer


We do not not want to replace social media. We want to use its power to spread the different stories of different lawyers.


As well as our COMMUNITY platform we have our own Blog.

Here we are posting 'Expert Articles' on important legal and political issues.


Legal articles written to the interest of the reader about the latest major developments in the industry


Theory based and vocational political articles that are informative, important and interesting 

Don't take our word for it...


Love love the page! The stories you’re sharing are so so powerful and super inspiring. Keep up the great work 😅

Tom, Twickenham

A very inspiring and informative initiative. Keep it up!

Janet, Ireland

Amazing! You're doing such great things for the legal community ❣️

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We put in lots of time and effort into making this platform. We would really appreciate it if you could help us out and buy our morning coffee!

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